Members of the Roma Civil Monitor share updates about the situation of marginalised Roma from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Ireland

This is an update from the Roma Civil Monitor project, which aims to contribute to strengthening the mechanisms for systematically monitoring the implementation of national Roma integration strategies by civil society. If you would like to subscribe to receive regular updates, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this email.


Inequality, anti-Roma racism, and the coronavirus : EUobserver article uses Roma Civil Monitor research

EUobserver reports on how research by the Roma Civil Monitor into the impact of national Roma integration strategies in the Member States has revealed the extent of the segregated, socially excluded localities where Roma and Travellers live in appalling conditions throughout the EU and what that means for COVID-19 pandemic.

The role of educational mediators during Bulgaria’s state of emergency

A blog post on how Romani educational mediators are keeping education flowing to children during the COVID-19 pandemic from our RCM partner in Bulgaria.

Chypriot Roma and their living conditions during COVID-19

A blogpost from our RCM partner in Cyprus on how the Cypriot government’s actions to integrate Roma do not seem to be effective enough and more must be done as soon as possible to protect their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cypriot Roma (Kurbetties) continue to face difficulties in all areas of their lives, particularly in the areas of housing and employment

Greece creates an emergency fund for Roma camps and settlements

To help Greek municipalities with segregated Roma camps and settlements in fighting the epidemic of Covid-19 and to protect their vulnerable populations, the Greek government created an emergency fund with an allocation of 2,255,000 EUR, the Ministry of Interior reported on 27 March. See our blog post for the civil society persepctive on this and other measures.

Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) to Collaborate with Pavee Point to Ensure the Safety of Travellers and Roma in Ireland during COVID-19

Roma Civil Monitor partner Pavee Point is funded to coordinate the Traveller Health Unit, a structure within the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) that prioritises the health of Travellers and works to address the health inequalities they experience. See this blog post for information on how they are combating COVID-19 in Ireland.


Roma Civil Monitoring Reports


Roma Civil Monitor is a pilot project with the full title of ‘Capacity building for Roma civil society and strengthening its involvement in the monitoring of national Roma integration strategies’ and is carried out for EU Justice and Consumers. The objective of the pilot project is to contribute to strengthening the monitoring mechanisms of the implementation of the national Roma integration strategies through systematic civil society monitoring.
It is coordinated by the 
CEU Center for Policy Studies in partnership with the ERGO Network, the European Roma Rights Centre, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano and the Roma Education Fund and implemented with more than 90 NGOs and experts from 27 EU member states.